Eutectic Coolers
  Eutectic Freezers are specially designed and developed for the places where power shutdown is for longer duration ( up to 10 hrs. ). These freezers have an inbuilt jacket which holds the Eutectic Solution.

This eutectic solution has a property to hold the temperature for a longer duration which results in increase of temperature holding time of the freezers upto 10 Hrs during power failure.

Freezers are designed with built-in condensers to eliminate the use of air cooled condenser and fan motor, which results in quiet operation and are Service free.

The elimination of fan motor, use of high density PUF insulation and the longer temperature holding time of the freezer results in Low Power Consumption.

  Available also in  Frost Free / Combination Models / full stainless steel construction upto 1500 ltr.s Capacity.  
Eutectic Coolers
Eutectic Coolers
Salient Features:
  • Built in Condensor
  • Temp. Range for Deep Freezer -10ºC to -22ºC
  • Temp. Range for Bottle Cooler -7ºC to +5ºC
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Eco friendly CFC FREE R-134a Refrigerant charged
  • Castors for smooth movement
  • Lockable lid
  • Minimum energy loss by using high density CFC FREE PUF injected with Imported High Pressure Injecting Machine
  • High quality colour coated sheets for inner and outer cabinets
  • Power consumption at par with imported freezers
  • Operates on 230V / 50 Hz Single Phase Electric supply